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Plant Pests & Diseases Research Institute, P. O. Box 1454, Tehran 19395, Iran


The family Gramineaee, due to its great number of species and worldwide distribution, is one of the large and well- known family in the plant kingdom. All the species in this family are homotypes and are found wherever plant growth is possible. At present, more than 10,000 species in 620 genera belonging to 60 tribes of this family are known from all over the world. In Iran, besides many research works which have been carried out so for, TERMEH (1987) while revising the family, introduced 117 genera, 406 species, 10 subspecies and 54 varieties for Iran. In addition, reference should also be made to the following taxa recorded from Iran: Bromus racemosus (ASSADI & WENDELBO 1977), Agropyron caninum (ASSADI 1983), Briza humilis (ASSADI 1984), Dactyloctenium aegipticeum (MOZAFFARIAN 1985), Glyceria caspica and Backmanici eruciformis (HAMZEHEE 1992), Dinebra retroflexa (MOZAFFARIAN 1994) and Poa golestanica (SCHOLZ & AKHANI 1999).


Article Title [Persian]

گندمیان جدید ایران(3)

Author [Persian]

  • فریدون ترمه
موسسه تحقیقات آفات و بیماریهای گیاهی، صندوق پستی 1454 تهران 19395
Abstract [Persian]

در این مقاله هشت گونه از تیره گندمیان، متعلق به شش قبیله که برای ایران جدید می‌باشد گزارش شده است به اسامی:
Aegilops peregrine, Aeluropus pungens, Calamagrostis decora, Chloris virgata, Digitaria strictta, Echinochloa macrocarpa, Eragrostis tenella, Panicum capillare.

Keywords [Persian]

  • گندمیان
  • گزارش جدید
  • انتشار جغرافیایی
  • ایران
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