Simple algorithm to assess the diversity and distribution for algae of Iran

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Research Instructor, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, Iran (


By studying algae reports from different localities of the country during the past 87 years, about 6000 records information including 2567 species and infra-specifics were analyzed and distribution maps were drawn. The algae studies in the Iranian islands of the Persian Gulf, especially around Bushehr and the Khark Island by Borgesen (1930), the oldest available document is used in this study. Many of the scientific names of the references used were synonyms with authorities in the field of algae taxonomy, such as AlgaeBase (Guiry & Guiry 2015) were changed to valid names.
Using the capabilities VB.Net programming (Foxall 2015) under a model of software named as “Explorer for Algae of Iran” was designed and developed.


Article Title [Persian]

معرفی الگوریتم ساده برای بررسی تنوع و پراکنش جلبک‌های ایران

Author [Persian]

  • کاظم دادخواهی‌پور
مربی پژوهش، مؤسسه تحقیقات گیاه‌پزشکی کشور، سازمان تحقیقات، آموزش و ترویج کشاورزی، تهران، ایران (
Abstract [Persian]

با بررسی گزارش‌های معتبر از جلبک‌های نقاط مختلف کشور طی 87 سال اخیر، اطلاعات حدود 6000 رکورد دربرگیرنده تعداد 2567 گونه جلبک مورد ارزیابی قرار گرفت و نقشه پراکنش آن‌ها ترسیم گردید. هدف اصلی در این پژوهش، طراحی یک ابزار تحقیق برای پاسخگویی به پرسش‌های می‌باشد.

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منابع در متن می‌باشد.

Volume 17, Issue 2
Winter and Spring 2017
Pages 196-197
  • Receive Date: 01 November 2016
  • Revise Date: 12 March 2017
  • Accept Date: 31 December 2016